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Top 5 tips on buying wholesale flowers from a flower farm

So as well as providing floral sevices, I also grow the flowers. There are lots of benefits to local british flowers. As well as being kind to the environment, you often get something a bit different and lots of delicate stems that wouldn't survive long journeys.

So buying flowers from a farm - how does it work?

Most flower farms, including my own usually sell seasonal wholesale flowers by the bucket. For me at the moment in 2024, that means a retails bucket is £75 and wholesale bucket at £50 for 60-70 stems to a broad colour pallet for collection. This means you get a general mix of seasonal flowers that fit together in a colour pallet, but you can't usually specify specific varieties or requirements. The general rule of thumb is that if you want to make more specific requirements, the price goes up.

Anyone can buy a retail bucket, including DIY wedding couples. Buying wholesale flowers means that you are a florist or flower shop that is then arranging them and retailing them on. A standard bucket usually includes a range of focal flowers, fillers and foliage. From time to time I sell buy the variety as well when I have a lot of one thing. I also sell dried flowers and christmas foliage. To order you just send me an email, what's app or insta message.

My 5 top tips when orderig flowers

I know it can be confusing at first, so here are my 5 top tips when buying flowers from a flower farm...

1. Don’t be afraid to chat, ask what’s in season and available. You won't get a specific list of every single stem but you can find out about varieties.

2. Tell me the date and end use of the flowers e.g. wedding, event or retail to help make sure stems are conditioned appropriately and cut at the right stage.

3. The broad colour pallet and anything specific that can’t be included e.g. allergies.

4. Stem length e.g. taller for large arrangements or shorter for bud vases. Please note that you will get fewer bigger taller stems or more shorter stems as shorter stems are cheaper and more readily available.

5. Don’t forget to bring your own buckets when you pick up your flowers.

If you would like to find out what's available and in season please contact me to sign up to the wholesale flower list. If  you aren't near me in Cheshire and want to find locally grown seasonal flowers, you can use the flower farm finder by Flowers from The Farm, the British Artisan Flower Farm Association.

Happy flower shopping!

flower farmer growing wildflowers


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